Document Scanning Services

Scanning Services

Customized Conversion

With over 20 years of experience serving customers and converting endless amounts of documents across numerous industries, we have a level of expertise that very few others can match. However, nobody knows your business like you do, and your documents and data play a critical role in how you operate. Our job is to combine our experience with how YOU operate so that together we can bring new levels of productivity to your business by replicating your specific practices in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

Document Scanning Services

The Document Scanning Process

Our document scanning services consist of a highly robust, proven, end-to-end solution. This solution encompasses everything you can think of when it comes to digitizing your files. From pickup & delivery through document destruction, we take care of everything you need. Furthermore, through our advanced operational tracking system you can rest assured that strict chain of custody is maintained, and compliance driven security practices keep your documents safe and secure throughout the project. It all starts with a call, and our team will schedule a time to review your files, discuss your process, and provide a roadmap to eliminate the hassles and costs that come with storing physical documents and data.

Paper Scanning Services

According to IDC and reports from our friends over at AIIM, the average employee wastes almost 4 hours per week searching for documents… and never locates them. Chances are, you are not paying employees to search for data, nor are you interested in suffering the costs associated with reproducing that lost data. Invoices, Medical Records, Legal files, HR Forms, Student Records, etc. No matter the doc type, it will always be more efficient, secure, and cost effective to store them electronically. This is our bread and butter: high-speed scanning and conversion of paper documents into searchable electronic files. Learn more about our paper scanning services.

Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning Service

Microfilm and microfiche were once heralded as the accepted method of reducing storage space and making paper files more productive. While this technology has long been replaced by digital imaging, the fact remains that the information on these microfilm files remains valuable and needs to be accessible to your organization. Just like paper, we are able to convert your film to digital images, indexed to your preference and output to a desired format for quick and secure retrieval.

Digital Archive Writing

Many of our clients have come to understand that “digital” does not mean permanent. Operating systems change, media degrades, computer software programs become obsolete rendering the possibility that digital images are not able to be retrieved – remember the 8-track tape? If your files are classified as “permanent”, our systems will convert your digital images to film, designed to last 500 years. You retain the benefits of digital images with the peace of mind that your files are truly permanent. Learn more about our digital archive writing services.

Large Format Scanning Services

Trust us when we say your architects and engineers will thank you once you have those blueprints, drawings, maps, plans or any other oversized documents converted to electronic format. We take special care of these documents to ensure image quality is held in the highest regard. Our High Speed scanners allow us to quickly and effectively capture the important details of these documents in order to assist in document retention while maintaining unmatched image clarity. Learn more about our large format scanning services.

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