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While many companies continue to do so, simply storing digital files on your local PCs and servers just does not cut it in today’s business world. Security threats, needy customers, compliance standards, and a multitude of other factors requires your documents and data to be safely and securely managed even after they have been digitized. Our document management systems provide your business with a comprehensive central repository that allows for rapid document retrieval by specific personnel within your organization. When your people have the data they need, both your organization and your customers come out on top.

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Storage & Security

How you store and access your documents is entirely up to you. Our team will work with you to develop a system that mimics your processes to bring you a fully customized solution. Storing and retrieving documents has never been easier, and is now improved with advanced security over your data. Our systems will track who is viewing, editing, deleting, and sending documents, allowing for complete oversight of your critical information.


Workflow solutions are where your ROI and productivity skyrocket. Utilizing robust analytics combined with a streamlined process focused on your specific business rules and procedures, our workflow solutions allow for painless management of your overall operations. Whether dealing with Accounts Payable and automated Invoice Processing, Claims processing, HR onboarding, Medical or Student Records, Manufacturing – the list goes on – we help to eliminate the delays and mistakes that inevitably come with paper based processes. In turn, your cycle times and associated costs are slashed, giving you the freedom and flexibility to focus on what you do best.

Cloud vs. On Premise

When it comes to your IT team and their capabilities, we make no assumptions. Every IT director has their own ideas as to how they’d like to manage their systems, and our solutions will work hand in hand with their perspective. Whether you’d like a fully hands-on approach whereby your system and data are stored and managed directly on your servers, or if you’d prefer us hosting it on a secure, private cloud based network, the choice is up to you. Regardless of the method of deployment, each installation is configured to address your business needs.


While our ECM and Document Management systems are their own piece of software, their implementation into your environment is anything but a separate piece of the puzzle. These solutions are built with the full intention of integrating with your existing and future third-party systems so that across your entire network, data is stored and distributed consistently. Whether working with specific accounting programs such as QuickBooks or Microsoft Dynamics, SAP or Oracle ERP systems, Skyward for Schools, or a number of other programs, the list continues to grow. Applying our configurable integration connectors and customizable development tools, we are able to ensure that across your entire suite of software applications, your data is consistently and securely managed.


We understand that business today is on the move. Long gone are the days where work is only completed at the office. You need the ability to access your documents and data from a number of locations, across state lines, and many times overseas. You choose the device – smart phone, tablet, or laptop – and your system is at your fingertips, all without compromising usability. No hidden fees, no extra subscriptions, just your documents on your device – wherever, whenever.


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